animated GIF
A swarm of differentiating strokes
 distributed over a coordinate-based grid.
animated GIF

A swarm of differentiating strokes
 distributed over a coordinate-based grid.

selecting coordinates by running a chaotic oscillator through a grid


Risk One: Never get out there; can't find the wilderness. The Risk of Stagnation.
Risk two: Never come back; lost in the wilderness. The Risk of Insanity.
Risk three: Go full circle (and take audience with). The risk of Completion. (Evan Parker )

Some thoughts on improvisational drawing, motor control and paradox.

Common coding theory states that perception and production are generally coupled in the motor system,
It suggests for instance that  people perceive spoken words by identifying the vocal tract gestures with which they are pronounced rather than by identifying the sound patterns that speech generates.

Assuming that perception and production are linked in this way; How does  paradox manifest itself in the motor system?

The muscular system exists of antagonist(stretching) and agonist (bending) muscles
A paradoxical instruction could co-activate antagonistic muscles and create a freeze or immobilisation of the limbs.

What kind of effect might this co-activating of antagonistic muscles have on  free or improvisational drawing?

1.EVERSIVE (escaping completion)
Antagonists (quadriceps and the hamstrings)  are simultaneously active when you arise from sitting.
This co-activation of two antagonistic muscles is known as Lombard's paradox.
The limbs don’t freeze because the extensor moment  exceeds the flexor moment..
Here  paradox brings about a fundamental change (from a passive to an active state).
So if a drawing based on  instruction or method ends up in a passive state after it went ‘full circle’ the paradox could maybe offer some kind of escape.

2.INVERSIVE (back from the wilderness)
Blocking the wrist shifts movement control back to the elbow,
 freezing elbow and wrist shifts it to the shoulder etc..
Consider this quote from Greogory Bateson; “Ashby has added a new facet in pointing out that to prevent change in the superficial variables is to promote change in the more profound.”(Bateson, G., Bateson, MC. (1988). Angels Fear:)
Freezing the wrist when drawing will probably result in decreasing variables of a line, and thereby  automatically direct attention towards a more basic or fundamental pattern.


( + ) active muscle
( _ ) relaxed muscle
+_antagonist, _+agonist

+antagonist, +antagonist

(escape completion)


process plot by Het Saptrajekt

Untitled by Het Saptrajekt

A line is a stretched dot moved by contradiction.


Black ink-marker drawings share a fundamental property with classic binary logic, that is;
Any section of the plane is either black or it is empty.
From this point of view, drawing with a black ink-marker is ‘drawing with a computer in mind’.

stroke by Het Saptrajekt

Your head asplode

In classic logic any proposition is either true or false; hence, contradictory statements cannot both be true in the same sense.
The principle of explosion* states that if a contradiction is true, then every proposition is true.
In formal terms, from any proposition of the form P¬ P, any arbitrary A can be derived.

‘Explosion’ however does not represent a formal symbol of logic, it rather points at a psychological side-effect for binary systems like computers or in this case, any black ink-marker agent.


The logical proposition is not  sequential but  combinatory,
so if P represents a random dot on a paper plane, then P¬ P represents a
[black dot, no black dot, anywhere, nowhere, instantly].
In general a computer will not recognize this as a valid instruction and do nothing,
 However a creative or fictional ‘computer in mind’ may start processing infinitely,
fruitlessly looking for clues in an undifferentiated field of grey noise caused by the contradiction.
The infinite search causes the system to ‘overheat’
a conclusive output becomes increasingly urgent and necessary.

Because the infinite loophole has hijacked executive functions,
action can no longer be motivated by ideas and the system is left with reflexes.
In science fiction the sentient supercomputer infected with a contradictory instruction (logic bomb*) may become restricted to expressing only punctuation marks(...), stammering, or a more rigid version might burst into flames,

A black-inkmarker ventilating heat via an instant blind sweep that stretches a dot over a large section of the plane

PˬP (animated GIF)

This stretched dot then is a primal trace that creates a difference that can set off a new creative chain of events towards a next possible state,  a ‘finished drawing’.

(also note the dramatic structure* of the principle;
First the causes are downplayed, then there is the crisis, followed by the resolution.
1.incentive moment(complication) 2.crisis (unravelling) 3.resolution(catharsis))



Funnel Reflex

funnel reflex by Het Saptrajekt
All modes
Through a single channel
At once